We’re Right in the Middle of the Production Pipeline.

A critical mass of agricultural and biochemical companies – diverse in size and focus – call the Omaha region home. Our abundant farmland means high production numbers and access to the raw materials you need. It all adds up to a competitive edge for your company. But, it’s our low cost of living and high quality of life that will keep your employees happy.

Why AgriBusiness Chooses Greater Omaha

You might know that Greater Omaha is smack-dab in the middle of two Top 5 states for ag products sold. (USDA, ERS, “Cash Receipts by Commodity, State Ranking, 2018”). Inside this profile, you’ll learn about:


  • Our superior access to industry inputs
  • How our central location and climate is good for business
  • Our low cost of doing business and favorable utility costs
  • And much more

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We Produce.

Corn Production
>4.4 billion BU
Nebraska ranked #5
Iowa ranked #1
Centered between two top 5 states for ag products sold.
Ethanol Production
>137.3 million barrels
Nebraska ranked #2
Iowa ranked #1
Golden Triangle of Corn, Ethanol and Livestock

Soybean Production

Nebraska ranked #5
>314.2 million BU

Iowa ranked #2
>571.7 million BU

Combined total:
>885.9 million BU

Cattle on Feed

Nebraska ranked #1
2.5 million cattle

Iowa ranked #4
1.2 million cattle

Combined total:
3.7 million cattle

Major Rail Center

Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Canadian National Railway Company

Union Pacific Railroad

United States Department of Agriculture, NASS, “Nebraska Rank in U.S. Agriculture”, May 2017
U.S. Energy Information Administration, State Energy Data System (SEDS): 1960-2015, “All Production Estimates”

From the Heart of America

Our central location places us squarely in the middle of the food production pipeline with close proximity to raw materials and ease of access to customers.


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