You Don’t Need a Wall Street Address. FinTech is at Home in Omaha.

We’re home to some of the biggest names in financial technology. Companies of all sizes — startups to Fortune 500s — choose Omaha because of our low cost of living, friendly business climate and highly motivated workforce. This powerful combination feeds our steady economic growth and yields a strong return.

Why Financial Services Chooses Omaha

Learn why 8.9% of our workforce is involved in the finance sector (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) by downloading the Financial Services Profile. Inside you’ll learn about:


  • Omaha’s cost of living and quality of life
  • Our low cost of doing business and favorable utility costs
  • How our central location and climate is good for business
  • Why the greater Omaha region is one of the fastest growing tech hubs
  • And much more

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Dozens of Industry Giants Operate in Omaha. Here are Just a Few.

We’re a City of 60+ Neighborhoods.

New and revitalized live-work-play neighborhoods are popping up all over Omaha. Whether you desire to be downtown in an urban setting (like Millwork Commons) or in a suburban office campus (like Heartwood Preserve), Omaha has a community for your employees to feel at home.

  • 1.3 million square feet of new office construction, plus much more in the pipeline
  • Average price per square foot for Class A office space: $26.84

We’re Educating FinTech’s Next Generation.

Omaha is home two several data analytics programs — including the country’s first degree program in Finance and Technology (from Creighton University Heider College of Business). Outside of traditional higher education, we’re home to several code schools and the Omaha Data Sciences Academy, an accredited data science code school aimed specifically at training Data Analysts and Data Scientists.

Students who come to Omaha for education often stay to work. As a matter of fact, half of Heider College of Business’ nonresident students get their first job in the Omaha. Considering that 80% of the school’s students aren’t from Omaha to begin with, that’s a significant number of graduates that decide to call Omaha home.

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